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1. Company Profile

Huijue Group was founded in 2002, is in the field of energy storage system in the leading technology innovation company, to provide customers with the optimal energy storage system solutions and safe and efficient storage full range of products, covering household energy storage system, industrial and commercial energy storage system and site energy storage system.

Huijue Group headquarters is located in Shanghai free trade zone lingang new area, has six wholly owned subsidiary, in Jiangsu Haian and Shanghai Fengpu production base and research and development center, the total area of 100000 square meters, more than one thousand employees, has four professional integrated production line, with senior technical team and efficient supply chain system, capacity and performance ability fully guarantee. Sales and service outlets are all over cities across the country, and the products are exported to many countries and regions around the world. Smart energy solutions have been widely used in government, transportation, education, operators and other industries. Over the years, won the "high-tech enterprise" and "innovative enterprise" and other honorary certification.

Huijue Group has always taken the core values of "customer-centered, people-oriented, continuous innovation and achievement sharing", and has helped the green, healthy and sustainable development of the industry through continuous innovation accumulation and technological breakthroughs.

2. Development History

2002: The company established. Huijue Group Network was established in Fengxian District, Shanghai, initially established its own factory;

2006: Established brand. Products begin to enter the radio and television / operator market, and established more than 20 offices nationwide;

2009: Overseas trading. Companies start overseas B2B cross-border trade through Alibaba;

2013: Rapid development. Awarded the "high-tech Enterprise"; started to enter the photovoltaic market;

2015: Technological breakthrough. Huijue won the title of "Specialized, Special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises, and established a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries;The pilot project of the photovoltaic base station transformation scheme was completed;

2018: Expand overseas. Expand overseas to enter overseas markets, expand overseas trade;

2019: Enter energy storage. Establish the development direction of household energy storage and distributed energy storage, and enter the energy storage market;

2023: Facing the future.Facing the future and globally, providing a full range of optical storage and charging products and solutions.

3. Main customers

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