Energy Storage Battery

LFP48100 lithium

LFP48100 Lithium iron phosphate battery pack for telecommunications
LFP48100 lithium



Product Description

LFP48100 lithium iron phosphate battery pack for telecommunications is an advanced product developed and developed in response to the current telecommunications operators’requirements for new backup power supplies under the new trend of telecommunications. It has integration, miniaturization, light weight, intelligence, standardization, and environmental protection. It can be widely used in telecommunications fields such as macro base station, transmission station, indoor distribution station, integrated base station, border station, micro cell station, outdoor MINI station, WLAN equipment, remote radio frequency, distributed power supply, etc.

Product features

v New type of lithium iron phosphate battery, safe and reliable, cycle life and long replacement period

v The cycle life of the group is 6000 times @85%

v Environmental protection of raw materials and production and use process

v Single cell specification is 3.2V/100Ah

v The single battery is equipped with a safety valve with secondary protection, which is safe and reliable

v High energy density, stable discharge platform, greatly reducing the rate of base station


v Integrated design: 15 series battery modules + BMS + 19-inch standard cabinet or earthquake-resistant iron frame general-purpose cabinet

v Cabinet embedded installation size, in line with EIA, ETSI specifications, and suitable

for floor-standing installation of seismic iron frame

v Small size and light weight, greatly reducing the area occupied in the station and reducing the load-bearing requirements of the building floor

v Modular design, multiple parallel connections can be used to expand capacity according to actual needs

v Supports high-rate charge and discharge, high work efficiency, meets the need to achieve small capacity configuration to achieve high current discharge

v Environmental adaptability is strong, and the working temperature range is wide. The base station can be equipped with no air conditioner or increase the constant temperature of the air conditioner, which greatly reduces the cost of site construction and electricity

v Adopt intelligent gap charge and discharge function, effectively reduce the electricity cost of base station

v All-round alarm protection function (overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, overload, overcurrent, high temperature, low temperature, balance, sleep)

v Intelligent design, with telemetry, telesignal, and remote control functions, and can communicate remotely through the dynamic loop monitoring system

v With RS232 uplink interface, dual RS485 cascade interface and dry node, it can be well linked with upper computer and other equipment

v Centralized LED lights indicate the operation status at a glance

v Front panel front-end operation and maintenance, convenient and quick

v It has good electromagnetic compatibility, compatible with standard telecommunications rectifier equipment

v It can be directly connected to the original lead-acid battery switching power supply system, only need to adjust the switching power supply charging and discharging voltage and other parameters

v Extremely suitable for the power supply environment of the second and third types of city power

v With software anti-theft functionoptional

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