Hybrid Power Shelter

Modular Energy Storage Container

Container base station energy room
Modular Energy Storage Container



Product Description

Container-type energy base station: It is a large-scale outdoor base station, which is used in scenarios such as communication base stations, smart cities, transportation, power systems and other edge sites to provide stable power supply and backup and optical distribution networks. Power communication site power supply, integrated photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage new energy systems to achieve energy-saving solutions;

1. Support the introduction of various green power sources such as photovoltaic/wind power/oil generators, and the full load capacity can reach 600A;

2. Multiple voltage outputs: AC220V, DC48V, -12V can be used for various equipment voltages of communication, network, server and edge computing;

3. With intelligent system management, better energy saving and monitoring management;

4. Efficient, safe, long life (up to 3500 cycles) energy storage backup battery;

5. Temperature-controlled energy-saving fresh air system + precision air-conditioning refrigeration, intelligent temperature control management, reducing air-conditioning power consumption;

6. The protection level of the cabinet is IP55, and the salt spray time is 500 hours, which can be used in various harsh outdoor environments;

7. The shell of the product is made of aluminum alloy material, which is light and can be handled manually; at the same time, it supports factory prefabricated products, and the cabinet can be hoisted as a whole (can be relocated multiple times);

8. Complete lightning protection grounding system;

9. The FRP material on the outer layer of the cabinet has strong anti-corrosion performance and can be used in coastal scenes;

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