Outdoor Cabinet Energy Storage System

20kw/62.4kwh Cabinet storage system

20kw/62.4kwh Outdoor Cabinet Energy Storage System
20kw/62.4kwh Cabinet storage system



Product features

UPS Back-up Power System

Grid-support funcons

Flexible configuration

Support PV access

Industrial Microgrid Power System

System Built-in transformer

Bi-direconal Power Conversion

Modular design and wide power range in single cabinet


Household energy storage

Commercial energy storage

Power shortage area

Large photovoltaic farm

Datasheet 20kw/62.4kwh
Battery Input Data
Battery type Li-LFP
Battery voltage range 487.5V-711.75V
Battery voltage range for full load 487.5V-711.75V
Nominal charging/discharging power 20kW
Max.charging/discharging current 50A
Charging strategy for battery BMS program
Communication interfaces CAN(or Rs485)
PV String Input Data
Recommened Max.PV input power 30kWp(15000Wp/15000Wp)
MPPT yoltage range 180V-960V
Full power MPPT voltage range 450V-800V
Max,input curren 25A/25A
AC Output Data (on-arid
Nominal AC power 20kW
Max.AC power output to utility grid 22000VA
Max.AC power from utility grid 40000VA
Max.AC current output to utility grid 32A
Max.AC current from utility grid 58A
General Data
Dimension 2400*1000*2250 mm
Standby self-consumption <15W
Operating temperature range 30 ℃ to +65 ℃
Noise <45dB
Operating altitude <4000m
Protection degree P55
Strandard warranty 5 years
Certlficatlons &Standards
EMC EN61000-6-1,EN61000-6-3
Safety IEC62109-1,IEC62109-2,NB-T32004/IEC62040-1
Grid AS/NZS4777,VDE V 0124-100,V0126-1-1,
VDE-AR-N 4105,CEI 0-16/CEI 0-21,
EN50549,G98/G99,UTE C15-7
Battery UL1973,UL1642,IEC62619,UN38.3,MSDS,CB
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