Outdoor Cabinet Energy Storage System


HJ-ESS-215A(100KW/215KWh)Outdoor Cabinet Energy Storage System



Product features

Fast power response, supports virtual power plant, gridconnected, off-grid and other modes

All-in-one design greatly reduces transportation,field installation time and cost.

Local collection, intelligent monitoring, remote operation and maintenance

Standardized interface can be connected in parallel with multiple machines, easy to expand capacity. batch manufacturing process easier to quarantee

Intelligent installation and operation and maintenancesupporting node adaptation, fault indication, etc..reducing the workload of site and operation and maintenance by 70%

Non-isolated design, improve system efficiency independent single cluster battery, no loop current, reduce power loss

Six-layer security design with multi-information fusion

Local/remote upgrade, support broadcast program upgrade, more than 90% efficiency increase compared to traditional point-to-point upgrade


Peak shaving and valley filling Discharge electricity

Improve the stability of the electricity system

Standby power

Peak and Valley Arbitrage

Optimizing the use of renewable energy sources

Reduce the investment cost for grid upgrading and remodeling

DC ParametersAC Parameters
Battery Typelifepo4AC side rated power100KW
Cell Capacity3.2V/280AhMaximum power on AC side110KW
System Battery Configuration1P2405Total harmonic distortion rate of cable<3% At rated power
Rated Battery Capacity215KWhRated voltage of AC side380V AC
Battery Voltage RangeDC636-876VAC access mode3P+N+PE
Charge/Discharge Ratio0.5CRated Grid Frequency50/60H2
Depth of Discharge80%Power factor range0.98
Battery Cooling Methodair coolingOff-grid operationsupport
system Parameters
Dimensions1600*1280*2200mmTemperature control methodsIndustrial-grade temperature controlled air conditioning
IP degreeIP55Fire protection programAerosol, PFH
System communication protocolnorm : ModbusCommunication InterfaceRS485、 RJ45
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