Energy storage system

Industrial and commercial energy storage all-in-one machine

Huijue AC200
Industrial and commercial energy storage all-in-one machine




High energy, safe and scalable
PACK -level liquid cooling technology ensures longer service life
Suitable for multi-scenario applications
Best LFP Battery Unit
Intelligent fire protection system, rapid response, full immersion fire extinguishing, safe and reliable
Flexible working conditions, easy installation and expansion

Technical Parameters

Model Huijue AC200
Combination 1 P240S
Rated Capacity 280Ah
Rated energy 215kWh
rated power 107kW
The output voltage AC400V
Rated charge and discharge rate 0.5C/0.5C
voltage range 600-876V
Cell type LiFeP04
Trace SOC use window 10%~95%
Charging working temperature 0055 . .
Discharge working temperature -10 ~ 55°C
cooling method liquid cooling
Dimensions (W X D X H) 1330x1330x2660mm
waterproof level IP55
Cycles >6000 (@ 80%)
Charge and discharge efficiency >94%
Fire Fighting System Perfluorohexanone
detection age type heat, smoke
warranty 10 years+
weight 2200kg
Shameful RS485/CAN
Hang Kai and Certification UN38.3 UL9540A UL1973 IEC62619
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