Energy cabinet

Outdoor smart energy cabinet

container machine room, large capacity, modular design, this series of products
Outdoor smart energy cabinet



Product Description

Outdoor smart energy cabinet HJ-SG-R type: container machine room, large capacity, modular design, this series of products.It can integrate photovoltaic, wind clean energy, energy storage battery, configure 6U integrated hybrid power system, and output DC48V (configured with remote control switch), including ODF module, FSU monitoring module integrated product,  Single cabinet. Optical storage capacity of this system: 6.6KW/50KWH.

product specification Dimensions W*D*H 2400mm×6000mm×2800mm; IP55 protection
  installation mode fall to the ground
  Cooling solution Intelligent temperature control (fresh air system/precision air conditioner, energy-saving automatic switching refrigeration)
AC input AC input voltage Single-phase/three-phase 380VAC input (two-way input interlocking)
  rectifier module 50A, fully equipped with 600A in the same slot as the photovoltaic module
Photovoltaic input Photovoltaic module capacity 550Wp*12 blocks;=6.6kw
  Photovoltaic module 50A(3000W)*4
wind power wind power 600W~2000W
  Fan Control Module 2KW
Energy storage backup Lithium iron phosphate battery 100AH, 51.2V; fully equipped with 4 groups, energy storage 50KWH
output characteristics DC output voltage 432VDC~58VDC (default 535VDC)
  output configuration Battery: 2*600A DC: 63A*6, 32A*4, 16A*6; AC: input 32A*4, lightning protection class C; socket: 2 channels;
Monitoring unit system signal input 1-way analog input (battery temperature); 4-way digital dry contact input
  Alarm output 4 dry contacts
  Communication Interface RS485
  storage Up to 1000 historical alarm records
  sensor Temperature and humidity, smog, access control, water immersion
environment Operating temperature -20~+75°C (-40°C can be started)
  storage temperature -40℃~+75℃
  Working humidity 5%~95%(no condensation)
  Altitude ≤4000m (1800m~4000m, every time the altitude rises by 200m, the temperature will decrease by 1ºC.)
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