Energy cabinet

Smart Energy Storage Cabinet System

IP55 protection level, can withstand various climatic environments
Smart Energy Storage Cabinet System



Product Description

Outdoor energy storage cabinet HJ-SG-C type: This series of products has built-in PCS, EMS, on-grid switching unit, power distribution unit, temperature control system, BMS system, fire protection system, anti-surge device, etc. Cabinet design, easy to transport. This product supports power output of 30KW~90KW, and the system capacity is 100KWH-300KWH. It supports parallel connection of multiple machines and can be flexibly expanded.


1. The structure is simplified, the space requirement is small, the layout is flexible, and it is easy to install, operate and maintain

2. Built-in fire protection, temperature control, and early warning systems for multiple safety guarantees

3. Single-cluster management, intelligent operation and maintenance, and control at will

4. IP55 protection level, can withstand various climatic environments

DC parameters battery capacity 100kWh~300kWh
  DC voltage range 400V~1000V
AC side parameters Rated AC power 30kW~150kW
  Rated AC current 43A~216A
  Rated grid voltage 400V
  Allowable grid voltage range 305V~485V
  Rated grid frequency 50/60Hz
  isolation method with isolation
Energy Storage Cabinet Parameters degree of protection IP54
  Fire Fighting System Perfluorohexanone fire extinguishing agent
  Operating temperature range -30℃~55℃
  Dimensions W*D*H Single cabinet combined type, whole machine integrated type, optional
  BMS communication method CAN, RS485
  PCS cooling method Temperature control intelligent air cooling
  battery cell cooling Air conditioner/heat exchange all-in-one cooling
  highest altitude 4500m (>3000 need derating)
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