Energy cabinet

Small smart energy cabinet

Small smart energy cabinet
Small smart energy cabinet



Product Description

Small smart energy cabinet HJ-SG-S type: tower/wall-mounted installation, small size, modular design, this series of products can integrate photovoltaic, wind clean energy, energy storage batteries, configuration 2U integrated hybrid power system, output DC48V ( Including intelligent circuit breaker), including ODF module, FSU monitoring module integrated product. Optical storage capacity of this system: 900W/5KWH;

product specification physical dimension 400mm(W)×500mm(D)×700mm(H) IP55 protection
  installation mode tower, wall
  Cooling solution Intelligent temperature control (speed-adjustable fan, with Rs communication interface)
AC input AC input voltage Single-phase/three-phase 380VAC input (two-way input interlocking)
  rectifier module 50A*2, fully equipped with 150A
Photovoltaic input Photovoltaic module capacity 450Wp*2 blocks; =900WP
  Photovoltaic module 50A(3000W)
wind power wind power 300W~1000W
  Fan Control Module 2KW
Energy storage backup Lithium iron phosphate battery 100AH, 51.2V; energy storage 5KWH
output characteristics DC output voltage 432VDC~58VDC (default 535VDC)
  output configuration Battery: 1*125A; DC: 63A*1, 32A*2, 16A*5 AC: input 32A*2, lightning protection class C; socket: 2 channels;
Monitoring unit system signal input 1-way analog input (battery temperature); 4-way digital dry contact input
  Alarm output 4 dry contacts
  Communication Interface RS485
  storage Up to 1000 historical alarm records
  sensor Temperature and humidity, smog, access control, water immersion
environment Operating temperature -20~+75°C (-40°C can be started)
  storage temperature -40℃~+75℃
  Working humidity 5%~95%(no condensation)
  Altitude ≤4000m (1800m~4000m, every time the altitude rises by 200m, the temperature will decrease by 1ºC.)
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